Terani Couture

Terani Couture is world renowned for its collection of gorgeous designer gowns that fit every occasion, figure type and taste. Conceived in 1990 in New York City, Terani Couture has successfully launched itself as a fashion house to be reckoned with, both country and worldwide.
The selection of dresses covers the whole gamut of formal wear. We cater for all occasions, there is not an occasion that we do not have the perfect outfit for. You name it, we cater to it.
Trends 2014-2015
Terani Couture takes pride in the fact that their garments ascribe to all the up to date fashion trends of the moment, and corresponds with the trends seen in the international scene as seen on the runways of not only New York, but also Los Angeles and the Milan fashion week.
Designs are such that all figures are catered to. The cut of our gowns are sure to flatter, skim or conceal whatever the case may be. This means that no matter your figure type, Terani Couture 2014-2015 collections are sure to have the perfect dress needed for that special occasion.
The materials used in assembling the garments are all of the highest standard, and no cost is spared in the sourcing of the embellishments and other doodads used in the creation of our clothing ranges.
Whether it is satin, crystals or even lace, our embellished designs are unique, unseen in any other house of fashion and the quality of our finished pieces above reproach.
An important thing to remember about any piece of clothing that one purchases, is ‘how does it make you feel? The aim behind Terani Couture’s clothing is that every woman should feel comfortable, but also that she should feel gorgeous, glamorous and sexy. Each piece is designed to make a statement. As the wearer, you get to decide what the statement is that you wish to make. Don’t ever let anyone put you in a corner, and with a gown from Terani Couture, that scenario is definitely never going to happen.
Targeted age groups
We target all the age groups, whether you are young or just young at heart, there is a gown for every stage of a woman’s life. Besides, what is age but a number?
In short
Terrani Couture is a brand that has made its mark on the social scene. Who is particularly active at the different trade shows, such as those held at The Bride Show Los Angeles, MAGIC in Las Vegas, Chicago National Bridal and our corporate showroom in Atlanta, to name but a few.
Their clothing line is never stagnant, but is continuously evolving as they strive to improve and keep their clothing up to date to suit the tastes of women at every stage of their lives and for every occasion they need to attend, whether it is black tie or semi-formal.
When dresses are ordered, we do our utmost best to ensure that it arrives on time, no matter where in the world you happen to be or where the event is taking place. With the infrastructure available today and the internet, nobody is left out when it comes to shopping for stunning, quality haute couture.

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