Tarik Ediz

The Tarik Ediz dress line is a true fairy tale story beginning with a father’s love for his daughter. What used to be a simple business doing alterations for others connected to a small boutique, become a brand name to be reckoned with after designing and making a gown for his daughter to wear to a school function in 1996, and hanging it in the shop. Soon, people were clamoring for his designs, and an international business soon followed, making Tarik Ediz one of the most accomplished design and wholesale brands in Turkey. The family soon found themselves moving to Istanbul, where the business today occupies a space of a thousand five hundred square meters in the heart of the city’s garment district, and employing hundreds of people.
Situated on the Bosphorus, Istanbul is the belle of the area, and from that belle has arisen a house of fashion that transcends the line between east and west, bringing his own brand of haute couture to all corners of the globe.
The house of Tarik Ediz has undoubtedly carved a niche in the garment industry, with the attention that is paid to classic timelessness. Each creation is unique, lending that extra touch of class to the wearer and making them stand out at any event they might attend, be it a prom or a serious black tie event: when dressed in a Tarik Ediz creation, you do not blend in with the crowd, you stand out.
A great deal of attention is paid to the cut of the garments, making sure that each figure is shown in the best possible light. As a result, there are styles and lengths to choose from, whether it is figure hugging or body skimming. Strapless, sleeveless dresses that expose the décolleté or those that have plunging backs, others that are sheer illusion with embellishments that cover the most vulnerable portions of the body, Tarik Ediz has mastered the art of catering to each woman’s taste and body type.
Just as all women are unique in their appearance and distinctive in the colors they wear, so is the variety of materials and color used in these dresses. From bright, jewel like to the more pastel hues that complement the complexion of the English rose, all tastes and complexions are catered for.
A lot of attention is paid to the details on each unique Tarik Ediz creation. Each pleat, ruffle or train is painstakingly exact, while embellishments such as lace, cutouts and of course the beading and crystal detail are exquisitely detailed, not only catching the eye as one saunters past in one of the house’s gowns, but confirming the attention given to the quality of each piece.
When dressing for a special event, women pay attention to their hair, makeup, shoes and accessories, but the one item that has to pull it all together is the dress. The perfect dress that makes every woman feel she is the belle of the ball, the Cinderella who gets to shine, the Sleeping Beauty who finally has the chance to wake up and show her worth. Tarik Ediz dresses have the do this for a woman, making her feel beautiful, sophisticated, charming, sexy and above all, glamorous, like the film stars of old.
Whatever the occasion that you need to look perfect for, Tarik Ediz has already created the perfect gown to suit you; it is just a matter of finding the one!

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